Caring for your garment: Each piece comes with a special tag with care instructions specific to your garment.

Washing hand dyed gingham garments and masks:

It is advised that you hand wash (delicate wash or soak wash) your dyed gingham garment in cool water with gentle detergent to keep the colour rich and in the best condition. I take great care to ensure that all dyed fabric is thoroughly rinsed before using it although you may experience a little bit of dye escaping into the water.
Allow the garment to dry naturally in shade as direct sunlight can cause colours to fade. Do not tumble dry.
Should you wish to iron your gingham avoid hot temperatures. A cool/warm setting will be sufficient.

Washing corduroy:

You shouldn’t need to wash your Emma skirt very often. Any spills or spoils can be washed off with a damp cloth and gentle detergent.

It is advised that you wash your Emma skirt by hand (delicate wash or soak wash) in cool water with a gentle detergent. Avoid washing with any fabric that produces lint, e.g. towels and woolly jumpers, as the lint will attach itself to the corduroy. Allow the garment to dry naturally in shade as direct sunlight can cause colours to fade. Do not tumble dry. Avoid ironing as this can matt the corduroy together. Should you need to fluff your cord back to life gently steam your cord in the direction of the pile or delicately iron on the reverse side being carful to not crush your cord.

Corduroy can also be dry cleaned.


The fabrics I use are locally sourced and where possible dead stock; making use of the excess from commercial textile manufacturing. I make an effort to ensure the fabrics I use are all natural compositions.

The garments I make are made to last - I use french seams and bias binding - with the hope that they will be passed down, shared and loved for many years to come. Natural fibres will wear gradually over time with use and love. I would be happy to advise you on how to repair or alter your own garments if you so wish. Do get in touch!

Bespoke Commissions:

If you wish to purchase The Sasha Dress or an existing garment with specific requirements contact me stating your request prior to purchase.

For all bespoke commission enquiries -